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Additional Information

What is a screen print transfer?

A screen printed transfer (also known as a plastisol transfer) is an image which has been screen printed onto release paper. Instead of being directly screen printed onto a shirt or other item, the design is printed onto transfer paper, then applied with a heat press. Screen printed transfers can be single or multi-color, and heat apply in seconds to the shirt. 

What is plastisol?

Plastisol is the ink used to create the screen transfer design.  It is great for all types of fabric, it is vibrant and very durable.  Your design will most likely outlive your t-shirt.

What is a sublimation transfer?

Sublimation is the process of embedding ink into a material through heat. A design is printed onto a special transfer using sublimation inks. The sublimation process converts solid to gas when heat pressed at a high temperature.  Thus, the sublimation ink is vaporized and released quickly into the material we are printing on. 

For best and brightest and brightest results, shirts should be made of 100% polyester. However, we will print on lower counts of polyester (65%-50%) to create a vintage look.

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